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Terie Fightmaster

Hello, I am Terie Fightmaster, a Barefoot Masters instructor and licensed massage therapist in the state of California.  I have massaged now for almost twenty years in both a private practice and for some very demanding spas.  And of course, my preferred modalities of use were deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofascial.  

Needless to say, all that has taken a toll on my body. Over these years I have studied many modalities and techniques. The human body is so fascinating. I have traveled to different countries to obtain the best of education I could find. After so many modalities and techniques, Ashiatsu is what I have found offers both the therapist and client the best experience. I am now into my 50’s and feel so much better since I work with my feet. All of my deep tissue clients request Ashiatsu. Their response is, the benefit of the massage lasts longer in the body.

I took my first Ashiatsu class from Michelle Mace in 2004 and was challenged and amazed. It was a whole new world to work with my feet and feel capable of “one more” at the end of the day. I later continued to train with Michelle through Oregon, Washington and California, teaching Ashiastu, Bamboossage and Fijian. To see the ah-ha moment for the therapist in these classes was so rewarding, in 2006 I became an instructor and now share these massage training classes with others. It is a privilege to teach others these techniques that save their bodies and extend careers for many therapists.

So please come join me for one, or all of my classes in beautiful Santa Ynez, California’s wine country, just over the hill from Santa Barbara.

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